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About us

At Violin Shop Tampa, we know you want to be a skilled, lifelong musician. In order to do that, you need a better quality instrument that will support your advancing skill level. The problem is, it’s hard to find someone (besides your teacher) to find the right instrument that will help you grow to the next level which makes you feel frustrated. Being limited by something you can’t control - like an instrument you’ve outgrown - isn’t fun. We believe you should be able to experience your full potential as a musician, not be limited by your instrument. We understand what it feels like to be limited in your expression and musicianship by the wrong instrument for you. Every single one of us at Violin Shop Tampa is an orchestral musician who is actively playing, teaching or both. Our staf has over 250 years of combined experience playing their instruments, and we also have an in-store workshop with three trained violin makers who have over 90 years of combined luthier experience. We’re here to help you find the perfect instrument for you and to help you keep it maintained and sounding amazing. Here’s how we do it - first, visit our shop in person to see all the amazing instruments we have available. Then, work with our expert staf to figure out which instrument is perfect for you and the way you play. You can try as many instruments as you want before you buy - we’ll even let you take your favorite home for a week to give it a real test run. Finally, when you get your new instrument home, you’ll be thrilled with how it feels to play again. So visit us in person or online and find your instrument, but in the meantime, download our free resource outlining 5 Ways to Know You’re Ready for a New Instrument so you can stop feeling frustrated and stuck as a musician and start feeling the confidence and empowerment that comes from playing an instrument that feels like you!